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Does Your Need for Cool Room Repairs Stem from A Gas Leak?

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Commercial cool rooms are designed for heavy-duty usage. As a result, they are not vulnerable to day to day breakdowns. As long as you are providing your business' cool room with the recommended upkeep, it should be able to function at optimum until it is due for its next servicing appointment. Nonetheless, maintenance is easy to overlook. Couple this neglect with the daily usage that the cold room is exposed to, you will quickly realise that some issues may start seemingly spontaneously yet the signs were there from the start!

Hence, the trick to staying on top of your cool room repairs is to recognise when it is time to enlist the services of professional technicians. Although gas leaks are not a common problem you are supposed to face, they are serious enough to warrant a keen eye. To help you identify the signs, here are a few of the things you should know to help you determine if your need for cool room repairs stems from a gas leak.

Which gas is found in your cool room?

Before you can delve into the common culprits of gas leaks in your cool room, you must familiarise yourself with the main types of gas that your particular cold room could be functioning on. Freon is the conventional option and this gas has been employed in cool rooms for decades on end. A Freon leak, however, should not be taken lightly as this refrigerant is highly dangerous to the environment since it destroys the ozone layer.

Modern cool rooms, on the other hand, function on tetrafluoroethane. Although this alternative is conceded safer for the environment, its higher efficiency does make detecting a leak much harder than normal, so you would need the expertise of professional technicians.

Why would your cool room spring a gas leak?

Your cool room can develop a gas leak for several reasons. Deterioration of the compressor pipes leading to their breakage is one of the more common causes of this issue. However, you may also find that your cool room is susceptible to a gas leak when the gaskets have degenerated.

Another reason why your cool room would develop a gas leak is if the seals surrounding the door are compromised, which affects the efficiency of the entire system. Take note, only a licensed technician should investigate the cause of the gas leak to prevent any further damage to the system while also ensuring nobody is at the undue risk of harm.

What signs would be indicative of a gas leak in your cool room?

Some of the signs to be wary of that would be indicative of a potential gas leak in your cool room include suspicious hissing sounds, frost covering the evaporator coils, erratic temperatures in the cool room and so on.

To learn more or to get help, reach out to a local cool room repair service.