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What's a White Glove Moving Service, and Do You Need It?

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The services offered by a removalist company can seem fairly straightforward. Many moving packages provide a moving truck and staff to load and unload the truck, with variances in price largely dependent on the size of the vehicle and the distance it must travel. But there's more on offer than this simple process. What is white glove moving, and do you need it?

A Premium Option

When associated with a service, white glove generally refers to cleanliness (running the fingertip of a white glove along a surface to check for dust). In terms of moving house, white glove refers to the highest possible level of service that's available. It's a premium moving option, and while it may cost more than a standard package, it has some clear advantages.

Packing and Protecting

A removalist company that provides a white glove service will generally take care of packing (and protecting) your items. This means that a team from the removalist company will arrive at your home prior to the arrival of the truck. They will carefully pack your possessions, adding protection and padding to items that require it. As they work, they will inventory each and every item. This ensures something can easily be found if needed while in transit, although the service extends to your new home. Once the moving truck arrives at its final destination, your items will be unpacked too.

The Moving Vehicle

Your items will be well protected while in transit, as even the vehicle used for white glove moving can be different to a standard moving truck. Once packed and inventoried, your possessions will be carefully loaded into a vehicle that can have its own padding (applied to the walls, ceiling and floor of the storage compartment). This means that any bumps in the road won't affect your precious possessions. While this might all sound like a great way to move house, you could be wondering if it's worth the extra expense.

Your Possessions

You should consider budgeting for a white glove moving service if your home contains items of significant value (either financial, sentimental or both). This might be expensive, high-end electronic items, or irreplaceable antique furniture. These items require the utmost delicacy, and while any removalist service will provide the most care possible, certain items can need a higher level of care. In short, consider the financial and sentimental value of your possessions to determine whether a white glove moving service is in your best interests.  

If the contents of your home need the white glove touch, consider looking for a white glove removalist service. Contact a removalist service for more information.