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How to Choose the Right Storage Unit for You

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Using storage units can be a great way of keeping your home clutter-free, avoiding stress during a move, or simply storing things you might need at a later date. However, all self-storage facilities are different, and this guide explains three things you should consider while choosing a storage unit.

Look at the Unit Sizes

One of the most important aspects of choosing a self-storage facility is looking at the unit sizes that are available. Work out exactly what you want to store and how much space it will take up. Can it be easily stacked, or does it need a lot of floor space? How often will you want to access any specific box, and how tightly do you want to pack the space? This is important, and if a facility doesn't have any units that are big enough for your stuff, you'll need to find a solution. Alternatively, if you're paying for a huge unit when you only need a small one, you'll be wasting money. Figure out how much room you need and find somewhere that closely matches your needs.

Think about the Location

There are many reasons that people hire a self-storage unit, from storing hobby or sports equipment between seasons to storing business files and equipment. Knowing why you need to use a storage unit will help you work out a location. For example, if you're using it during a house move, a location near to your new house might be best. If you're storing business files, a location that's close to your office would be ideal. However, if you're storing camping equipment over the winter, you'll only need to make the trip to your unit a couple of times a year, meaning you can compromise on location for a better deal. Whatever the case, work out how far away your unit is and how convenient that'll be.

Find out about the Rules and Regulations

Every storage unit will have different rules and regulations, and it's important to find out what they are and whether they suit your needs. Find out when and how you can access your storage unit and whether that suits you. For example, if you need evening or weekend access and that's not possible, then a facility might not be right for you. Is there anything you aren't allowed to store on-site? Does that affect you? Ask for a list of rules or browse the facility's website for further details.

By choosing a storage unit that's the right size, thinking about the location, and finding out about rules and regulations, you can choose a storage unit that perfectly suits your unique needs.