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Why Ageing Wine In Self Storage Should Be Done In A Climate Controlled Unit

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Wine remains a popular drink of choice for many adults. And if you are looking to start your collection of vintage wines, then you could be in search of the right self storage unit to store your bottles without the risk of someone tampering with the ageing process. However, while you have a myriad of options when it comes to selecting the right unit, it should be noted that wine should never be stored for the long term in a regular unit. For wines to age in the correct manner, the ambient conditions need to be optimal or your wines will be barely palatable! Before you invest in a unit, here are a couple of reasons why ageing wine in self storage should be done in a climate-controlled unit.

Avoid excessive humidity

If the wine bottles you are looking to age are sealed with natural corks, you definitely need to invest in a climate-controlled unit for your storage needs. Corks, natural or not, function to prevent the wine from oxidizing. However, if you put natural corks in a regular self-storage unit, the fluctuating humidity levels of Australia will harm these corks. As the temperature changes and the humidity fluctuates, the corks will expand and contract, and this eventually allows oxygen to seep into the bottle. A climate-controlled unit eliminates this risk. Moreover, you can go a step further and ensure the corks remain slightly moist for the duration of the ageing process to prevent them from contracting.

Avoid temperature changes

Speaking of temperature changes for wine to age correctly, it needs to be stored at optimal temperatures. Red wine, for instance, can be aged at slightly higher temperatures than its white wine counterpart can. Nonetheless, you should note that room temperatures accelerate the ageing process! Therefore, a climate-controlled unit will be the best solution since you can set the right temperatures and then leave the wine alone for the duration it is in storage. It is also worth noting that constant temperatures are crucial for the proper ageing of wine. While a regular unit may seem to have the right temperatures, say during the colder months, any variations in this temperature will jeopardise the quality of the wine. Therefore, a climate-controlled unit proves to be the most ideal option overall when it comes to ageing your wine. Not only can the temperatures be kept a specific degree, but also they can be maintained like that for the duration that you need the storage unit.

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