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Storage: Tips to Putting Your Mattress Away For the Long-term

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A mattress is a significant investment. In addition to this, you spend a considerable amount of time on it in your lifetime. By not storing it in the appropriate manner, you put the mattress at risk of acquiring damage, which would affect your sleep once you take it out of storage. Nevertheless, not many people know how best to keep their mattress in storage. Some of the common myths people believe include standing the mattress up while being in storage yet this could cause permanent damage. Below are some of the tips you should know if you are putting your mattress away for the long-term.

Tip 1: Never store your mattress on its side

As aforementioned, a common misconception people have is that standing up their mattress in storage would be space efficient. However, this can end up causing structural damage to your mattress. This is especially true if your mattress has springs in it. Over time, gravity will being to make the springs sag downward and your mattress will be changed beyond repair. If you would like to ensure that your mattress stays in good shape, you should try your best to store it in its natural position, which is flat.

Tip 2: Never put items on top of the mattress

A mistake some people make once they have stored the mattress flat is to assume that they can place items on top of the mattress to ensure there is no dead space in the unit. The reality is that as gravity would make the springs of your mattress sag, so would the weight of additional items on top of your mattress. This is why you should never put any items on the mattress, even if you consider them lightweight. Instead, you should store the mattress last and put it flat on top of your belongings.

Tip 3: Never leave the mattress uncovered

An assumption people have when it comes to putting their items into storage is that they will always be safe. Although your belongings are protected from the elements, this does not mean that they will not be exposed to an array of other risks such as dust, pests and more. It would be crucial to ensure that your mattress stays protected by enclosing it in plastic wrap. This will ensure that even when temperatures are humid in the storage space, there will be a decrease in the moisture build up in your mattress. One thing to note though is that it is advisable to take the plastic wrap off after every few months so that the mattress can breathe.