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Tips to Making the Most of the Space in Your Storage Shed

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A common problem some homeowners have with their storage sheds is disorganization. Generally, people tend to blame this on the size of the storage shed, especially if it is small. The truth of the matter though is disorganization comes about when you are not making the most of the space that is available to you. Whether you opt for a prefabricated storage shed or opt to construct one from scratch, you need to plan for your storage needs so that you are not overwhelmed with a messy storage space. Here are some tips that you could use to make the most of the space available in your storage shed.

Try to retain as much floor space as possible

The first mistake homeowners make when it comes to using their storage shed is dumping everything on the floor. Boxes, appliances, tools and more are all left on the floor, which makes the entire room look messier than it really is. When it comes to your storage shed, you should treat floor space as a premium. For one, always ensure that there is a clearly demarcated walkway for you to gain entry into the shed. Secondly, only use the floor space available for large equipment such as lawn mowers or pressure washers. All other items can be either hung or put in storage boxes.

Install large hooks

Some of the items that are typically forgotten on the floor of your storage shed tend to be pipes and hoses. Since these items tend to be long, staying unraveled on the floor not only makes your storage shed appear messy, but they also pose a tripping hazard. This is why it is best to invest in large hooks for your storage shed. These large hooks can easily be nailed onto your storage shed's walls and then you can wrap your pipes and hoses around them when the pipes and hoses are not in use. Not only does this clear up your storage shed, but it also makes it easier for you to retrieve your pipes and hoses when you need them. In addition to this, the hooks also make it harder for the pipes and hoses to be tangled.

Exploit your vertical space

Another space saving technique that would make your storage space organized is exploiting your vertical space. The best way to do this is to install open shelving that can go all the way up to the ceiling. Since the shelves are open, you can easily spot items when you are looking for a specific tool. To stay organized, store your least used items right at the top and most frequently used items at arm's reach.