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Storage Ideas for Tiny House Living

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Tiny houses are all the rage, with supporters claiming that not only is tiny house living eco-friendly, it is also a return to a simpler time when lives were not as full of unnecessary clutter. Living in tiny houses is also financially appealing to many; tiny houses cost substantially less than regular houses, and when you live in one, you are forced to cut down on unnecessary spending due to space restrictions.

If you are interested in moving into a tiny home but are concerned about the space restrictions, read on for some ideas on places to store your necessities. After all, moving to a tiny home doesn't mean having to give away your earthly possessions, it simply means cutting down to the bare minimum and then finding clever ways to store what you have left.

Store things under the bed 

The space under beds is usually plentiful and so worth its weight in gold. This is a great place to store items such as bedding, pillows, and clothes that are out of season. It's also an ideal space to store things such as books and paintings. Items can be stored in big plastic containers, preferably ones that have wheels for ease of access.

Use a pegboard to store pots and pans 

Using a pegboard as kitchen storage is an idea that American chef Julia Child came up with a few years ago. She suggested that pegboards be used to store pots and pans, and not only is this a quirky and attractive feature, it's also a fantastic idea for people with very limited space. 

Look for space under the stairs

If you're lucky enough to find a tiny house with a staircase, the underneath of it is an excellent place to use as storage. You can add shelves or drawers here, or maybe use it a workstation.

Keep things underfoot 

A trap door could be a great way to tap into extra storage in a tiny house, as there is a lot of space under floorboards that would otherwise go to waste. This is a perfect place to store items that you won't use as often.

Rent a storage unit

This one is a great option if you find there are items you simply can't bear to part with. It's also a good way to ease yourself into tiny house living without feeling like you have to get rid of everything up front.